A Chart Countdown of The Top Five Translation Agencies

A Chart Countdown of The Top Five Translation Agencies. | Trebinaldi

We present a chart countdown of the top five translation agencies on the planet. The market is currently worth in the region of 50 billion US dollars, and as companies and people seek to connect across the globe, there appears to be no end in sight to the sector’s growth.

All of these market leaders have something in common, special attributes which give them the edge in a field where the competition is white-hot.

5. RWS Holdings

The RWS story began when M.H. Randall and Partners – a professional provider of patent translation services, was established in England in 1958. Sixty years on, the company has scaled the heights as a world leader in translation and localisation, intellectual property support solutions, and life sciences language services. RWS Holdings is based in the UK, but its network of 2,000 staff and freelancers covers Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania, from where they offer translation and interpretation services in more than 150 languages. RWS leads the way in translations and linguistic solutions for the life sciences industry, drawing on experience gained in a range of therapeutic areas, regulatory affairs, medical device documentation, and e-learning and training programs. In a move that illustrates the company’s acquisition strategy, RWS has recently bought Webdunia.com (India) Private Ltd and Iconic Translation Machines Ltd. Others to join the RWS fold in recent years include Alpha Translations Canada Inc and Moravia. This policy, when aligned with robust organic growth, has enabled RWS Holdings to develop four dedicated sectors of highly skilled teams and deliver premium client service.    

4. SDL

SDL counts more than 90 of the world’s leading brands among its total portfolio of 4,500 clients, and it is the highest-placed UK-based business in this list. There are 4,300 freelancers and employees working out of the company’s 63 offices in 39 countries across the globe. Among the translation services which SDL offers are:

  • Translation by way of collaboration with the company’s in-market translators and in-house linguistic reviewers.
  • Specialised translation delivered by experts in their field.
  • Transcreation engages consumers in all languages and builds emotional links by creating top-quality, bespoke material which breaches language barriers by speaking in a familiar global voice.
  • Post-editing brings machine translation and human know-how together in a way that translates larger amounts of content in a swifter and more budget-friendly manner.

SDL caters to the requirement for high-quality translations and the demand for content creation and management, which seemingly has no limits. The company certainly makes plenty of ambitious claims, and as it boasts the resources and platforms required to deliver, it is likely that SDL will be around at the top for a long time to come.

3. LanguageLine Solutions

When it comes to the downright impressive size and scale of the business – and with almost twice as many full-time staff as its nearest rival – LanguageLine Solutions dwarfs the competition in certified translation. An impressive client roster includes healthcare institutions, government departments, and multinational businesses, whose translation and interpretation needs are catered to via 364 worldwide offices. LanguageLine says translation is not merely a transaction; it is so much more than a simple word exchange. Because when it is professionally delivered by a highly accomplished and experienced team, it brings a transformation that enables people to understand not only what is being said but crucially, what it means too. To achieve this, LanguageLine combs the world for the best freelance linguists who make the delivery of such transformational experiences into a powerful business tool for the client. By employing dedicated project managers, the business highlights the client experience and customer support as priorities. When this is married up with the company’s 20 years of experience in the language services industry, its professional team of staff and freelancers, and top-notch technology, LanguageLine looks likely to continue its relentless expansion throughout the translation market.  

2. Lionbridge

In the second place, it’s Lionbridge, who claim they are responsible for the translation of more content than any other global language business. From beginnings in translation, the company has expanded into linguistics, AI, and data quality. Lionbridge says it is proud of its experts who dig deep to convey the most with every word and extract the most from every data point. The union of expert personnel and state-of-the-art technology delivers with speed, scale, and precision. The company manages a broad content portfolio: from written text, voice, audio, and video to structured and unstructured data. With 20 years on the clock, more than 350 languages under its belt, a workplace encompassing 5,000 locations, and a massive staff bank to draw from, Lionbridge is certainly set to remain a major player in the language services market.  

1. TransPerfect

To make the top of the chart while attempting to retain the feel of a family firm is no mean feat, particularly when TransPerfect claims to translate more than 7 million words every day. TransPerfect was founded more than 25 years ago at a time when the geographical reach of the global marketplace was beginning to shrink, and language barriers needed to come down, but it didn’t all happen overnight. With a consultative approach and stringent quality control, offices numbering in excess of 100, and 6,000 employees, the company has sharpened its skills by completing more than 300,000 language projects. TransPerfect’s illustrious client base covers market leaders, global giants, and just about every industry sector you could think of. With such an impressive background and a polished operation, TransPerfect’s place in the top spot seems secure.

But, unusually, we are not going to stop at Number One.

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