AI-driven apps will change how we use search engines

Microsoft invested $1 billion in 2019, betting on OpenAI’s idea to create AI-powered chat. That idea was called ChatGPT and has become a viral success, to such an extent that the Redmon, Washington-based company has declared that it will invest another $10 billion for ChatGPT to be integrated into its applications and services.

What is ChatGPT all about?

The simplest definition is that it is a chat system with artificial intelligence, which enriches the answers to such an extent that they seem to be written by a person.

He is capable of answering almost any question you ask him.

In short, it is an artificial intelligence tool developed to maintain conversations since you can ask questions as if you were talking to another person, and the chat will understand you perfectly.

This is possible because ChatGPT is developed based on the GPT-3 AI language model, composed of 175 million parameters, and enriched with vast amounts of text, so that it can perform language-related tasks, from writing to generating new texts.

It is well known that any development based on artificial intelligence polishes its operation based on the enrichment of its text library. Therefore, over time, it will make its responses more sophisticated and automatic, which is the main objective of all AI developments.

A game changer

ChatGPT is being trained to be able to hold a conversation with anyone, and it is claimed that its algorithms will be able to understand any question asked, regardless of the tone used or the local idioms of the applicant. In other words, the chat is designed to respond in any language in which you want to converse, as well as to adopt different tonalities.

The chat is open, so when a person registers to use it, they accept that their interaction will be used by the developers to improve its operation, so it is advisable not to enter any personal or sensitive information.

It is claimed that ChatGPT can do a write-up on anything, person, or event.

This is where some opposing points of view can be presented, as it highlights the ability to safeguard copyrights, as well as the need to stipulate specific regulations that allow recognizing whether the presentations made for work or study purposes are the result of the effort of their authors or have taken advantage of the benefits that this technology brings. 

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