Are ChatGPT and other AI tools a threat to humans?

Artificial intelligence-powered tools have long interacted with humans, but new ideas have recently emerged that challenge the boundaries of the relationship with flesh-and-blood people. The most significant cases are ChatGPT, Midjourney, or Dall-E, and although these are the first versions, they are already making the purists nervous. Read on to discover why you will always need native proofreaders for your content.

The Fear of the Unknown

Since the first machines began to perform those heavier tasks, the fear of the unknown made people afraid of losing their jobs to these machines. And it can be said that the same fear exists today, that AI will come to replace humans in complex tasks and perform them with such precision that no human can match it.

But the reality is that in the times of the industrial revolution -while it is true that some jobs were lost and replaced by machines- it is also fair to mention that new jobs emerged, which required people with greater specialization and training to perform them correctly.

In more recent times, jobs such as community manager or SEO specialists, or even further back in time remote managers, hybrid working days were unthinkable. But advances in technology have led to the birth of new jobs.

The Potential of the ChatGPT

Returning to the case of ChatGPT, we are in the presence of a tool that, in its first versions, is already showing real signs of its potential as a content creator. But it is essential to point out that the contents it creates are based on the information and the point of view that human beings have shared on the Internet. For now, it does not add new data but elaborates summaries. However, these are texts that exceed the average of the editors, which may raise the possibility that more than one digital newspaper decides to dispense with part of its staff and replace it with one of these tools. They can also solve complex calculations and even play chess.

The same can be said of Dall-E, as it can deliver AI-born designs and replace the human creative process.

The Future of AI Tools

The next versions of AI tools will be refined, making it almost impossible to distinguish between human and machine-written text. Moreover, it is logical to think that in the not-too-distant future, the more AI-based chat rooms are used, the more content on the Internet will be created by AI so that the next layer of content will be made based on entirely artificial texts, expressing a completely new idea, without human intervention.

However, using AI should be seen as a tool allowing people to focus in-depth on other issues and devote sufficient time to them. For example, AI can deal with specific medical situations requiring precision beyond the human eye. At the same time, people will be able to deal with cases that require time beyond the 5-minute consultation time.

The advance of artificial intelligence and its interference in all areas of life is inevitable. But trying to understand the place it has to occupy is crucial as a tool that adds positivity. And it will be up to people to keep the creative process in the hands of a machine.

The Truth

All the AI tools used for content creation, translation, and transcription are better and better each day; nevertheless, as we said before, we must understand those tools are robots, and the content has previously been created. That means you will always need to use proofreaders or native translators to make sure you are using error-free and original content. There are plenty of translation agencies to help you, such as TREBINALDI. In any case, we all need creativity to continue living, don’t we?

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