How to Attract Customers to My Website

Well done! You have a smart website for your business. But now’s not the time to take your foot off the gas and let all that hard design and site-building work go to waste; what you need now are some customers. Here are a few useful tips: how to attract customers to your website, online marketing strategies for websites and businesses, how multilingual websites can bring you more clients, and the best online tools for delivering business growth.

How to attract customers

Think of all the searches performed every second on the internet; surely a few of those are bound to lead people to your site? It’s possible, but there are also concrete actions you can take to draw in clients and, of course, generate revenue.

One of the most tried and trusted ways of attracting clients is blogging. Add a blog page to your site, write engaging and relevant content about your products pitched at your target consumer, and post it on social media. But beware of the tumbleweed factor, be prepared to write regular copy.

Everyone loves a freebie, so how about giving away an enticing free gift? But take some time to think about what the type of people you’re trying to attract to your site would find alluring. Remember, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

These days, the power of social media marketing can’t be ignored. Social media platforms enable you to get your message across about who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Again, like the blog, regular posting is essential to maintain interest and build a strong social media profile.  

You could use a Help section on your site to post tutorial videos, which can convert an occasional visitor into a habitual one. You might also consider making videos that show how your business operates, with profiles, product news, and perhaps a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

Online Marketing Strategies for Websites and Businesses

Because of the effect of the Internet on modern business, a clear online marketing strategy is a must.

Your business can benefit from the tireless efforts (and be warned, they will have to be tireless) you make in building your own personal profile into its own brand. Think of the high-profile business leaders, who have become household names through personal branding, and how they are firmly associated with their companies in people’s minds. As an individual, you have the advantage over an anonymous organisation by being able to develop your personal network.

When people are searching for goods and services like those you offer, drive more traffic to your site by giving it greater visibility in search engines. You can do this by investing in Search Engine Optimisation and making sure your site is properly set up.

Use content marketing (which might include your blog) to attract site visitors; once on your site, they might be tempted into downloading content, registering for a mailing list, or even clicking on ‘buy now.’ Content can be marketed on social media, and quality content can play a big part in building a following.

Email marketing is a valuable tool and apart from your time, it’s free. Get people on board from social media, collect subscribers, build mailing lists, and keep your business in their minds by sending out regular newsletters with product updates, special offers, and company news.     

Multilingual Websites

By offering visitors to your site the option of using multiple languages, you can gain a serious advantage over the competition.

The benefits include:

  • Increasing sales. Research has shown that people are more likely to have faith in a website that offers content in their native language, and so they are ultimately more likely to buy.  
  • Establishing consumer trust. Providing a multilingual website is a cost-effective and surefire way of gaining customers who will have confidence in your website. Because it has been localised it gives them peace of mind by operating in a way they understand and enables them to establish a solid connection with your brand.
  • Making the consumer experience a familiar one. As many Internet users will disregard non-localised sites in favour of multi-lingual options, companies that choose not to go down the multi-lingual route are not only missing a trick – they’re missing out on potential sales too.
  • Extending your market reach. Offering multi-lingual, localised content is a swift and simple way of broadening your appeal to your target market across the globe.  
  • Building international traffic. By offering different languages, your site has a better chance of getting scooped up by different search engines and improving its international standing.   
  • Establishing a global presence. By offering consumers content in their own language, you are building a reputation as an international firm that is in tune with linguistic and cultural matters worldwide.

The Best Online Tools to Help Grow Your Business

If you’re looking at email marketing, Mailchimp is a handy email marketing platform. Mailchimp’s tools are user-friendly; they can handle multiple mailing lists and send automated emails to your customers, tailoring them to different target markets as required. For pinpoint monitoring, you can manage your campaigns with tools such as email delivery and opening and click-through rates.

With the social media manager Hootsuite, you can consolidate all of your social media accounts, and the analytics module will allow you to keep a close eye on the success of your social media campaigns. For ease of use, Hootsuite connects with third-party platforms.

Meetup is a great networking tool that can help you find events of interest and even help with organising your own. You can build groups that are public or private and maintain interest by sending out emails and sharing pictorial content.

You might consider AI-powered chatbots to engage with customer inquiries out-of-hours or when traditional human support is not available. Chatbots can pick up on leads that might otherwise go astray and collect customer data which can be used for analytics and aid in business growth.

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