Most Spoken Languages Globally

The world’s list of most spoken languages is very different from what we would usually think. English is the first language that appears in our minds when we ask ourselves what the universal language is. However,

When we think of the most spoken languages in the world, without a doubt, the English language is the first one that comes to mind. It is a theme that has already been installed worldwide. But is it really like this? Is the English language the most spoken?  On the other hand, we will also analyze the most used workplace language.

The Globalization of Languages

The development of technology and communications has allowed globalization, and languages are not exempt from these changes. Communicating with people from all over the world allowed us access to a cultural exchange system that has not been the same for the last decades.

Currently, it is unthinkable to have a website and not have a button to see it in other languages. You can even incorporate the Google giant’s instant translation and make your site look in different languages. This makes possible exposure of your business worldwide. Anyone on this planet can look at what you do, what you offer, what you are looking for, and much more. 

6 Important Languages in the Labor Field

In business, there is a list of languages that you should know if you want to have ample possibilities to be hired or offer your services. The following languages are highly demanded in the workplace and will surely open many doors.

English – We have already said it. We are not the only ones considering English as the first option. Perhaps, it is because it is a relatively simple language to learn, practical, and with a simple structure. At work, no matter where you live, it is an important tool for your curriculum.

German – This language has been gaining ground lately. Proficiency in German is one of the most sought-after skills in companies looking for staff.

Italian – Italian can also open doors in the market. It is not a very spoken language and can be a point in favor of the curriculum. 

French – Like Italian, French is an important language in business, but not so dominated by people in general.

Spanish – is undoubtedly one of the most required, and it is reaching the statistics of the English language. One factor that influences its expansion is undoubtedly the wave of immigration of Latin Americans around the world.

Portuguese – Another of the languages very required in business thanks to Brazil’s industrial model change in recent years.

The 5 Most Spoken Languages In The World

We are sure that this list will surprise you. What do you think are the most spoken languages?

  1. Mandarin is the most spoken language and exceeds the one billion people who dominate it. These are several combined dialects used in China’s north, southwest, and center. If you want to communicate with the world, this is the language you must learn before anyone else.
  2. English – You already know why it is one of the most spoken languages, but we are sure you are surprised that it does not occupy the first place. It has more than nine hundred million speakers. 
  3. Spanish – We have also mentioned the factors that have made Spanish a very spoken language. In addition, it is a language with an official presence on different continents. About five hundred million people speak Spanish.
  4. Hindi is a language unknown to most of us but with about three hundred million speakers. Like Mandarin, it combines several dialects spoken in different parts of Asia.
  5. Arabic – Africa and the Middle East have it as their official language, reaching almost three hundred million speakers.

Although this list is part of a documented statistic of recent years, the results will depend a lot on the region. That is why it is likely that the positions of the most spoken languages will be exchanged as the years pass. But, if you want to be a citizen of the world, you must speak more than one language, and those we have mentioned will open many doors.

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