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Writing is a means of expression that has developed alongside humans’ communication needs. History says that the Sumerian archaic and Egyptian hieroglyphs are considered the oldest form of writing. Fortunately, there are many samples of those scripts, and they are an object of study to understand how they worked and developed from the beginning. However, not all types of writing are considered part of a system. The writing systems are transmitted from one to another and can be reconstructed regardless of when or where. There are four main categories: logographic, alphabetic, featural, and syllabic. Although spoken languages can indeed complement all writing systems, not all languages have a writing system. Nevertheless, writing always represents a language, resulting in a text that the reader interprets.   

Why do you need original content?

We all know that writing was the first form of communication when the Internet arrived. Images and, more recently, videos are currently also a way to attract an audience and offer services, among other things. But writing involves much more than that. We write to express feelings, inform, explain, describe, narrate, teach, interact, and much more! With the Internet and globalization, writing content has become necessary for every business. Still, in recent years, there has been a huge amount of text on the Internet, and finding original content has become a real challenge.

You will need fresh content to sell your products or services. You have two options: rewriting existing content with your own words avoiding plagiarism -which won’t be very original- or finding experts such as Trebinaldi to get to your audience originally and innovatively.

How can Trebinaldi help to develop content?

Trebinaldi is an expert writer in different languages whose main objective is to express what you need in texts. We write texts and original content for your website, brochures, emails, businesses, blogs, metadata, social media, and much more! And we speak all languages!


The translation is to carry a written text’s meaning into another language. A translator not only needs to have an excellent knowledge of the languages but also needs to have outstanding reading comprehension and be familiar with the terminology. Some translators specialize in a specific industry, sector, and a pair of languages, while others have general knowledge and work covering different fields. Finding experienced translators of more than one language pair is problematic because it takes a lifetime to know perfectly, even our native language. That being said, the fact that someone can speak a language well does not mean they can translate accurately. Translation into another language takes much more than converting a text from one language to another.       

Why do you need a professional translator?

The job of a translator has been affected during the last years by the development of technology. On the one hand, there has been a significant improvement in the field, and translators can now use tools that make their work easier. But on the other hand, those same tools allowed freelance translators to gain ground in translation platforms to offer their services for less money. Therefore, professional and certified translators were forced to resort to online translation platforms or freelancers’ websites to get jobs and improve their income. You don’t need a certified translation to translate your website, but you do need a professional one if you want to sound serious.

Translators can be found anywhere on the internet. Still, it is always advisable to work with professionals or certified translators -if it is a requirement- to get the best results. However, many reliable and professional translators who learned after years of experience could make a career independently and have a good reputation and the needed knowledge even though they don’t carry a university diploma. 


Proofreading and editing texts are different. While editing refers to checking a text’s clarity and style, proofreading consists of taking care of formatting, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. As technology advances, new tools are launched in the market, making the processes of writing and translating consistently faster. Over the last few years, machine learning, AI, and automatic translation software have changed the work of translators, developers, and businesses. The big question is, do I need to proofread the software translations?

Are software translations accurate?

As time goes by, machine learning software is more and more accurate; however, no machine could ever have the skills of a human brain. The answer is simple: a device does not think; a machine looks for the data in a vast database to repeat what has been written before. The problem is that if you have doubts about a text, the software machine won’t be able to say if it is correct or not, and it won’t give any explanation about the context because it only knows the contexts from other existing texts.

Find a professional proofreader

Proofreading means polishing the text; having a professional proofreader do the job is the last step to having your content clean and perfect. Experienced proofreaders like Trebinaldi will ensure the content is error-free and suitable to go!


As audio and videos have developed and been used over the last years to communicate, different useful tools were created and improved to reach a global audience. The objective of spreading content made transcribing, captioning, and subtitling grow exponentially. However, they are all different things.

Captions improve the accessibility of the audio providing the written text, including all the sounds heard, and it is mainly used for people that can’t hear.

Subtitling is the written text of the audio in another language.

Transcribing is the written form of the audio.

It is simple, although more complex. In all the processes, there are different elements included. For example, especially when there’s a video involved, the subtitles, transcription, and cations need to be accurate because there are time stamps, and the text should match what is being spoken, whichever the language is.

How to transcribe audio or videos accurately?

Plenty of transcription software nowadays does the rough and heavy work. Some of those tools are more accurate than others and usually have premium plans that offer even better results. Nevertheless, like the translation software, neither is as precise and reliable as a person listening, typing, and proofreading the audio. Therefore, always consider that no matter which software you use, you will need someone like Trebinaldi to listen to and polish the work.

SEO-friendly content

SEO is the critical solution to optimize the content on the internet. Search Engine Optimization makes websites stand out and be seen by the world. When someone wants to appear on search engines, the content published must follow the SEO guidelines and structure; otherwise, it will remain hidden and unseen. Of course, there are strategies and rules to do that. Still, it mainly consists of improving the content, writing good quality texts, using keywords, and complementing all that with the proper metadata and promotion to open the game.

However, optimizing for SEO purposes does not mean someone will sell or have more clients coming to the door. These strategies are just a way to attract clients, and it is the owner’s job to take care of the business. But it is commonly hard to do the job consistently because it requires time and hard work, apart from making a follow-up to see if it is working.

Let Trebinaldi do the hard work!

Trebinaldi can write, rewrite, translate and optimize content for SEO purposes while you take care of more important things in your business. We can also upload the content to your website, including the metadata, and take care of the images to make engaging content.

Social Media

What to expect from an online business if nobody knows it or sees it? Even when it has quality content, beautiful images, and outstanding services, if it is hidden in the most remote corner of the internet, clients won’t come. However, technology has brought us a new way of living and interacting with the world, and all businesses can take advantage of it. Mobile phones, connections, devices, and social media!

How to promote content on social media?

There are many social media platforms, and all of them have developed their way of earning money. But the good thing is that we can also use them to grow professionally. SM, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, among others, offer an excellent way to show what we do, say, and sell! They are a perfect form of getting attention. But the good thing is that everything is more straightforward today than years ago. There are platforms to schedule posts in advance where you can connect all the social media accounts and promote content simultaneously. Trebinaldi can help you create high-quality content and promote it on social media. So let us do the work you don’t have the time to do!  

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